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Entertainment, Lifestyle and Culture

We love working with clients who create joy in people's lives and have something important to say. Here are some of those projects.

Logo for a ski and sport shop located on Seattle's Eastside

Indoor retail signage for Redmond location

Outdoor retail signage for Redmond location

Website for ski & sport shop

Package design for a techno duo's demo kit designed to attract the attention of record industry execs

First in a series of ads promoting the Boston Ballet as Boston's very own, not-to-be missed, world-class cultural event

Second ad in the Boston Ballet series

Third ad in the Boston Ballet series

Auction gala invitation kit inviting patrons to a sneak peek at a celebrated cultural museum's new space

The event program and auction catalog

Event landing page

Logo and brand identity for a video game developer specializing in SIM gaming

Branded collateral

Children's book design and author website design

Activity booklet design and illustration for a line of educational toys

Package design for a girls' fun kit, lined with faux pink fur for maximum effect

Branding, naming, tagline development, product label design, and advertising design for a game accessory

Branding and collateral for a local talent show